Sophie Lazarski Nicoll

Sophie is an English doula who has been working with families across Paris and internationally for the last five years. Her work began as a food delivery service for newborn mothers and has gently evolved into more face to face, intense support work for mothers and families. Feeding families is still the centre of her work, but the realisation that food is just one part of radical care for mothers has changed her work to include more than just meals. 

Now, more than five years into this journey, Sophie works with mothers and families to create sacred and personal prenatal, birthing and postnatal spaces with food and herbal care, baby feeding support, sleep solutions, massage, belly binding and endless conversations over cups of tea. 

For the last three years Sophie has also been working with mothers and families experiencing miscarriage and abortion. Her belief is that postpartum is a sacred moment for every mother, whatever the outcome of a pregnancy. Our needs in these times and spaces are fundamentally the same, but generally unknown and usually not thought about by us, or those who care for us. Sophie’s aim in working with families in these types of postpartum is to honour their experience, care for them and hold space for whatever they may be feeling. 

As well as in person support, Sophie offers online postnatal planning sessions and her client resources such as her postnatal workbook and recipe e-books will soon be available to buy as digital downloads in the shop. 

Sophie works in both English and French and is always happy to speak in both during any session or discovery call.

Nourish & Bloom was founded with the belief that matrescence, becoming a mother, is an overlooked rite of passage for many women. The care and attention our ancestors received from their communities when they gave birth is no longer our experience. In the early days of motherhood we are left to fend for ourselves with a newborn, often alone, confused and in a great deal of pain. Sophie believes that supporting and nourishing new mothers enables them to embrace this new phase of their life without fear; well rested, capable and confident. 

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